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Novolak pits. Pourchaire boschung leclerc top 3
Mail I and pourchaire have the youngest soft tyres of the front runners
Boschung has gained a second on pourchaire in clean air
Leclerc goes off the road and maini takes him for p3
Leclerc fluffs it an maini goes p3
Bearman and Iwasa get leclerc as well
Lwclerc dropped 2 places to bearman and iwasa
Leclercs tyres are gone it looks like
Maloney takes enzo
Hauger retires properly
Maloney takes doohan
Pourcjaire is controlling the race and faster than boschung. Maini staying same gap to bosching but both faster than bearman
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Ferrari juniors defending hard against rb juniors
Leclerc goes off... Again and maloney takes him
Arthur to pit again?
Maini is dropping off from boschung and bear an even worse

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