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Official 2023 formula one Thread

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Fair cop for alonso, left side of his car was outside the gridbox
Why am I not surprised it was an alpine driver :lol:
Verstappen got one of the haas cars as well
Lewis weaving a bit. Don’t like that
Original post by Andrew97
Max had got both haas

The RB is a monster in the straights due to their combo of high efficency and having a better hybrid system than non - Honda runners
Max already on 2 track limits warnings
Leclerc takes gadly despite lewis weaving
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Veratappen not making great. Progress. Lecle4c gets Gasly
Lewis should be fast in his final stint
Max finally gets zhou
Hamilton noted for weaving
Alonso should still be ahead of russell at this rate
Leclerc takes lewis
Leclerc gets Lewis who has a black and white flag
Verstappen gwts Gasly. Hamilton next
Posple towards the back pitting
Bottas pits for new hards
Max vs lewis

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