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Official 2023 formula one Thread

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Muller beats Vergne, he’s in the final!
Frinjs beats buemi! All abt front row
Frinjs is on pole. 2nd muller
Formula E start delayed due to what looks like climate protestor nutters
Race is go now. The abt cars are still 1-2
The Abt boys have taken attack mode so buemi now leads
Buemi has taken it as well
Jev takes attack so Frinjs now leads evans and Jev.
Frinjs and evans take attack on consecutive laps. Jev lewds muller
Frinjs dropping back. Been done by the Porsche pair
Jev and buemi take attack. Evans leads muller
This is getting a bit mental. Wehrlien nkw keads but hasn’t taken an attack. Muller is 2nd with da Costa 3rd
Porwche take attack. Muller lewd again from Wehrlien
Lotterer has gone off at t1.
This is going to end in a simply hideous accident
Nobody wants to leave. Buemi now leads the porwche pair
Wehrlien now leads Cassidy and buemi
Jev takes the lead now from the poersche pair
Issue for buemi worh his front wing, drops back
Been a bit more chopping and changing. Cassidy leads Dennis

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