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A Basketall newb

After watching the great Last Dance few months ago it sparked an interest in basketball and the NBA.

As the NBA was in its off-season, I thought I'd try to catch some games when it returned later in the year.

I had no idea Christmas Day in the USA involved a host of sporting fixtures. As there was nothing on the TV, I tuned into a Lakers v Mavericks basketball 🏀 game and actually watched all of it. It was rather relaxing and enjoyable. I had no idea the sport had a shot clock, learnt about technical fouls and the substitutions in a game. LeBron was good early on I thought it was going to be a rout for Lakers however when he disappeared in the second half, Doncic and Hardaway were nailing 3s with the former shining. I assume Lakers with LeBron are like Messi with Argentina, a huge reliance on the guy to drag the team over the line.

I caught the first half of Brooklyn Nets v Cleveland Cavaliers to see the talent of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

It has been surprising to hear the stadium atmosphere as mainly it stays at the same level until the end of a quarter or a match whereas I was expecting it more raucous.

I'm going to try and watch what I can and even get to choosing a team (one that's followed Manchester United’s history might be best!) but liked watching the Nets so far.

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