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how can i get my dad to give my boyfriend a chance?

Ive been dating my boyfriend for about 5 months now, he's my new relationship after coming out of a 3 year long one. My dad liked my ex, he was my age, supported the same football team as him, and to be honest that's where it ends, there was no other reasons for my dad to like him, he just did. when it ended, my dad didn't approve, there was a lot of things things between me and my ex that made the relationship hard, we were always arguing and he could never handle his drink which is where things got messy, but my parents or family never saw that side of him so had a very one sided view of how he was, which was a nice guy who was right for me. anyway after we ended and i met my now boyfriend my dad instantly disapproved, my boyfriend is younger than me for starters by 3 years and so my dad thinks he's immature, he comes from a difficult family that he is trying to get away from by working and saving up money for his own place etc. i don't know the reasons for why my dad doesn't like him, whenever i ask he avoids the question or makes the age gap the problem, which for me isn't a good enough reason, considering one of my exes was 5 years older than me and he liked him too.
Yesterday was the first time my dad invited him to the house for a family get together, i didn't ask my boyfriend to come or ask my dad if he could because i knew the answer would be no but when my dad said he could i thought we were making tracks in the right direction.
my boyfriend loves the kids in my family and vice versa so he was keeping them entertained as well as sitting with me and drinking and talking to my family, my dad didn't make much of an effort for conversation though, which is fine, we both knew it'd be baby steps with my dad to come around to my boyfriend and the invite alone was enough.
anyway at the end of the night my boyfriend went to the bathroom and i ran up the stairs because i really needed to go and knocked on the door to ask if i could go first, he obviously opened the door to let me and then he went, as i was about to leave my dad knocked on the door and pretty much told my boyfriend to get out of his house because he thought we were up to no good, i opened the door and told him how literally nothing happened and it was all innocent but he didn't want to hear it, i got angry and left with my boyfriend to go to his house. my mum also told me i was in the wrong. but i'm failing to see how, i know for a fact if it was my ex there would be no kick off, if it was my sisters and their boyfriend there would be no reaction, but because it was me and they guy my dad hates he automatically seen red and there was no convincing him otherwise.
I'm scared that my relationship will drive a wedge between me and him which is the last thing i want, i love my dad but also love my boyfriend, we're taking things day by day and are more casual than anyone else i've been with which is what we both need right now, but i don't want to end things with him, especially not because of my dad.
Ive tried talking to him before but to no avail and now after what happened i don't think he'll even want to hear his name. but i really just want him to give my boyfriend a chance.
my boyfriend wants to talk to him, meet up for a drink and what not and try it that way but i'm scared to think what might happen.
Ive never been in this situation before, does anyone have any advice as to how to make this work?

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