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work experience- international relations

I am currently in year 12 and looking for 1-2 weeks work experience in something along the lines of human rights, sustainability and international law. I plan on studying international relations at university and hope to work in the UN. Any contacts or recommendations for any NGOs or government organisations that may offer relevant experience? I am happy to be in any city in the UK.
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Hi, I'm in year 13 and have applied for International Relations for 2023 entry. Sorry to break it to you, but after thorough research I found that there is practically no work experience for prospective IR students. However, what I did was visit places which are free to explore, e.g. Europe House in London (former EU Parliament Liaison Office) which offers a free whole day tutorial on the workings of the EU.

But if your mainly worried about what to add to your personal statement then don't worry because with IR you mainly just talk about what interests you about the subject, e.g. rise of the far right, conflict in the developing world, intergovernmental/supranational organisations like the UN and EU respectively. With an IR personal statement this is really all you have to talk about, plus a book/place you have read and/or visited.

Any questions please ask!!

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