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what is exactly biochem and what do you study and what careers can i pursue if i do biochem??
#Hiya! biochemistry is to do with the science in living organisms. there are many careers you can pursue by studying it! there are things where you can work in labs, things like pharmacology and immunology, you can go into pharmaceuticals, forensic science, wildlife biologist and many more!
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what is exactly biochem and what do you study and what careers can i pursue if i do biochem??

Hey @mariajhones

I personally like to refer to biochemistry as "small biology" as the biggest thing I learn about tends to be cells/tissues! Compared to biomedicine, biochemistry tends to look at biology with a more molecular approach so you will gain deeper understanding into the chemical reactions that occur in cells. So far I've studied things like metabolism, cell biology, microbiology, immunology, genetics, biotechnology, and proteins/enzymes. I chose Lancaster because of the option to study pure chemistry modules so I've also studied spectroscopy, organic structure, mechanisms, kinetics, and thermodynamics and, despite the chemistry definitely being harder for me than biology, I've loved it!

There are so many jobs you could go into with a biochemistry degree. Firstly you could go into further study such as a masters or PhD. You could work in a wide range of research careers or in manufacturing e.g. producing pharmaceuticals. I'm actually doing a placement year at a biopharmaceutical company in September to gain some work experience and figure out whether I want to pursue a career in science. There are also jobs that aren't in science that want people with science degrees such as patent law. Science degrees give you so many skills by training you to think analytically and write critically which are appreciated in many non-science careers too. Many people go into finance or management graduate programs which typically just request a grade and not a certain degree.

I hope I could help, if you have any other questions about biochemistry please let me know!
Rebecca :smile:

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