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Sociology A level HELP!!

do you need to know all the names of the sociologists cause there are so many and lots of theories?

also any study advice for Sociology as well?
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To get high marks you should include sociological terminology which includes theories or sociologists.

Using flash cards is very useful for me. I use anki and I have divided them into topic and sub topic so for example education and then functionalists views of education. I can test myself on the whole of sociology or just certain areas. Also anki will give your questions you struggle on again so you don’t. If flash cards aren’t for you, you could create a mind map, or use Seneca. Finally once you have the knowledge you should apply it to exam questions.

Overall the way you revise/ study for sociology depends on what works well for you. You could use a mixture so it’s not just one thing all the time which can be boring.

Sorry about the waffle, hope this helps :smile:

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