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I applied as an early applicant and was rejected (😢) and it’s taking abnormally long (in comparison to my other friends) for any of my other unis to respond to me. I heard that they look at early applicants last for some reason? Does anyone know if that’s the case and if so why
It is still early days, tbh. Not 'abnormal' at all. Universities can take till May to reply to applicants. It is also not true that that they look at early applicants last.
That's definitely just another one of those rumours! Some unis and some courses take longer than others, so you shouldn't compare with your friends since every situation is different (and you can't read anything into the time it takes). Unis have months left to reply, and some uni/course combinations don't even start replying until after the January deadline, so it's way too early to be worrying. Good luck, and remember an offer is an offer whether it comes in October or May :smile:
Lots of the most competitive courses won’t start to process decisions until after the January deadline so they can ensure fairness

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