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How do you revise/study for maths and how do you get started when you feel lost?
practise questions are the best way to revise for maths, if you feel a bit lost it would probably be worth going over the topics you are less confident with.
Go over the textbook and look at examples, doing them along and check your steps, then proceed to exercises, check solutionbank
Original post by maple!
How do you revise/study for maths and how do you get started when you feel lost?

Hi @maple!,

I'm a 3rd year Maths Student at Lancaster University and thought I might be able to help. There's several ways I like to revise maths:
1) I make flashcards of any formulas or important information I need to remember.
2) I go over examples that I have been given and work through them without looking at the working out and then when I'm finished, or if I get very stuck I compare my answer to it.
3) I do lots of practice questions. I think this is probably the best way to revise maths, it helps me to remember the methods for doing the questions and it makes sure that I understand how to do everything.
4) I also really like working through questions with my friends, sometimes they think of a question at a different angle to me and when they explain it the question makes so much more sense.
5) I would also do as many practice papers or past exam papers as possible.
6) If I am struggling on a particular topic I like to look it up on youtube, theres lots of really helpful videos on there.

If you are struggling to start revising I would just choose a random topic and do a couple of questions on it.

I hope this helps and good luck with your revision :smile:

Penelope (Lancaster University Mathematics Student Ambassador)
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