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Original post by y5d
I've been decided what to do my EPQ on for so long, and I finally ended up deciding on 'Will humans ever be able to colonise Mars?' as I was interested in space but now I'm having second thoughts.

Could someone give me a few different ideas or do you think I should just stick with my question

Sure, here are a few ideas for alternative EPQ topics:

The ethics of artificial intelligence
The impact of social media on mental health
The role of education in reducing income inequality
The history and future of renewable energy
The influence of media on political decision making
The effect of diet on human health
The psychology of decision making
The future of work in a world with advanced technology
The impact of climate change on biodiversity

Ultimately, the choice of topic is up to you and what you find most interesting. If you are still interested in the topic of colonizing Mars, then I would recommend sticking with it. However, if you have lost interest in the topic or are having trouble finding sufficient research materials, then it may be a good idea to consider one of these alternative topics. If you would like any further explanations or questions, feel free to ask!
Original post by y5d
Thank u!! I might consider switching to one of these, I hope I'm able to catch up tho💀

No problem, glad I was of help!

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