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english literature alevel

is english lit alevel worth it? is it boring? right now i’m predicted an 7/8 but sometimes i find the lessons really boring and the essay writing too stressful. i have definitely decided on maths, physics and art alevel but my school requires a 4th option which can either be something like an epq or another alevel- but i’m not sure what to pick? so is english worth the stress or is there something else that would work well with my current options?
i really enjoyed alevel literature but i really enjoyed it at gcse. i don’t think you should take it if you think essays are stressful although lessons are really different to gcse. it’s more about discussing ideas and interpretations of the text rather than word analysis like in gcse. overall i found it quite easy but it was a lot of reading and essays and depending on your exam board you may have to learn critic quotes off by heart. if you don’t think that’s suitable for you it might be a good idea to pick something else maybe biology or chemistry?

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