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hi, i am in year 11 and about to start my mocks in the next couple of weeks and i was wondering on how i could get a high grade in gcse french, preferably a 7 plus. thankyou
im also a y11 and in my most recent mock i averaged at an 8+

for writing:
i recomend getting exam questions (90/150 words off of your exam boards website or your teacher) on any topic and write a PERFECT answer - use help to do this and get your teacher to check!
i would personally include si phrases (if) and make sure you are able to write in more than 3 tenses.
if you can memorise parts of your perfect answer (preferably things that can apply across any topic whether its environment ot family), it will improve your grade!

for listening:
this is difficult to revise for so id just maybe recommend either using past papers with the audio ( if you do aqa its all on their website!)
but also if you want to, listening to french music w lyrics or watching a film with FRENCH audio and ENGLISH subtitles.

in the exam, in the few minutes you have to read the paper TRANSLATE THE FRENCH SECTION FIRST!! please take it from me, i didnt and it was a mistake!

for reading:
again this is something you will need past papers for to really help you
one thing that can help is improving your vocab
i recommend quizlet (search for sets based on a topic eg friends and family) and regular tests just to check you are learning!

when actually doing the question, bring a highlighter in to the exam, so you can highlight important parts of the text

for speaking:
ask your teacher for questions that you may be able to prep beforehand and again PERFECT ANSWER and tell it anyone who will listen!
if you cant get this, then i recommend once again exam questions and just practising your speech out loud even if it's to your pillow lol

some other quick tips:
pay attention in lesson to verbs - they are important and the endings are what will get you marks

i said before but quizlet and vocabulary is a lifesaver for tests for me personally.

practice makes perfect so just try as much as possible

please ask your teacher if you dont understand because they are there to help!

good luck and i hope you find this useful x

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