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Would you use a University transfer advisor?

Hello! For any students considering transferring University at the moment (mid year, straight into 2nd year etc), do you think you'd use a dedicated Transfer advisor that can help you with your application/advising on next steps, or would you prefer to do everything yourself?

I'm curious because in USA most universities have a Transfer Advisor as it's very common to transfer over there, but there seems to be no help in the UK so students end up dropping out or staying somewhere they don't like.

Would love to hear peoples' opinions on Transfers/how it can be improved!
Transfers are fairly uncommon in the UK. Our degrees are different to the US so transferring credit is less simple.
To be honest, the only real advice is “contact your target uni and see what they say/want”. There’s not much more an advisor can add, the uni either considers transfers or it doesn’t.
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Bit of a nothing job here.

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