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Postgraduate nursing finance

TLDR can anyone on a postgraduate nursing course give me an overview of what they get in the way of finance for tuition and living costs?

I'm looking into applying for a fast track 2 year postgraduate nursing course (have an undergraduate degree and work as a nursing assistant in a hospital) and trying to look into whether it will be affordable, but I'm finding it a bit of a minefield working out what funding I'll be able to get.
I know I can possibly get tuition fee lland maintenance loan through sfe, NHS bursary, NHS learning support fund, but I'm not sure how they all affect each other.
I'm in my 30s, private renting, living with my partner who is studying an undergraduate degree recieving student finance and pip. I am the main earner at the moment. I would likely be resigning my full time job but remaining on the bank in my trust.

I've been waiting for an apprenticeship nursing or nurse associate which I can then top up at my trust. I didn't apply for the last one that came up as I was off after having surgery last year. But I'm looking at my other options.

Has anyone in a similar position done or is doing this route to nursing and can you give me a breakdown of what you get funding wise, or does anyone know of a calculator online to give me an idea what I could get. I just need a better idea whether we can afford to live on student loans/grants/bursaries or whether it's best to wait and keep going for apprenticeships through work. I'm stuck between not wanting to keep waiting for an apprenticeship opportunity to come up through the trust and the benefit of earning while studying and the trust paying tuition. Waiting for an apprenticeship seems like a no brainer but I don't know how long I'll be waiting for another one to come up if I even get on it.

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TLDR can anyone on a postgraduate nursing course give me an overview of what they get in the way of finance for tuition and living costs?



It is my understanding that nursing students apply to the NHS Learning Support Fund (LSF) whereas the NHS Bursary is for doctors or dentists. You can't apply to both.

You are eligible for the LSF if you are:

studying on an eligible programme at a university in England

eligible for tuition fees and maintenance support from the Student Loans Company through Student Finance England (SFE), Student Finance Wales (SFW), Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS), or Student Finance Northern Ireland (SFNI)

actively in study, whether academic or practice learning

The training grant is £5,000 per academic year - it is not means tested so won't affect any student loans you receive. Some specialist subjects are eligible for an additional £1,000 per year.

The LSF also reimburses travel and dual accommodation expenses for placements.


I'd recommend that you start a new thread on the Ask Student Finance England forum to see if your course is eligible for tuition fee and maintenance loans. Give the name of your course and university.
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