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Is uni a scam?

I want to know if university is worth it like the whole 10K a year debt plus the accomodation stuff and the whole hectic struggle is it worth it? And how is uni life?
It depends on what you want to do later in life. For some professions, a degree is essential; for others, not really.
Uni is what you make of it. If you don’t back the qualification up with experience and make an effort to improve on your studies, it would be a waste. A lot of people end up making the mistake of only concentrating on getting the qualification and don’t put any thought into work placements or other ways to show that they are fit to work in their chosen career.

I would also say, really think about why you are choosing the course you want to study. I’m speaking from experience here as I studied Psychology the first time I went to uni, not giving much thought to the fact that if I want a career in Psychology I would have to do a Masters and possibly a further PhD. At the time I was open to going further in education, but what I didn’t understand was what that really meant. It takes real dedication and you have to REALLY want it to do all that, and if I decided I didn’t want to do further stud after my undergrad …why didn’t I just do any other degree that would have probably benefited me more at undergrad level? I’m now studying Business Management. So really think about why you are choosing that particular course and is it actually worth it for you? What if you don’t want to do further study after you get the degree, would you still be able to work in that field?

While experience is valued a lot more than it used to be, not having a degree can still limit you in a lot of fields. I would really consider what it is you actually want to do before deciding on a degree, not only because it makes a lot more sense but also, there will be times where you would need to remind yourself why you chose to study that degree. It will get challenging sometimes and you’ll need to remember your end goal. Make sure it’s a good enough reason.
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A lot of different variables, but I can easily say too many people go to uni just for the sake of "going to uni". Also endless amounts of layabouts who don't want to work and keep on doing masters and phd's in god knows what whilst never actually getting a job, thinking they're going to be the next Hawking or something. But hey, whatever floats your boat.
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For me it was a great experience, living independently and studying at the frontiers of knowledge. Unprecedented hobby and socialising resources at your disposal. If you can afford it and want to do it this I would definitely recommend it. However the cost is so high that it is worth some thought about your ultimate career direction and if a degree is necessary for that. And also if there is an opportunity to get someone else to sponsor the cost
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I want to know if university is worth it like the whole 10K a year debt plus the accomodation stuff and the whole hectic struggle is it worth it? And how is uni life?

Hi there! My name is Aimee and I am a third year criminology and criminal behaviour student :smile:

I have found that yes, university has been worth paying for. I have learned so much about my chosen profession and have had experiences that I wouldn’t have had if I had chosen to go straight into employment.

If the debt is putting you off, just remember that currently you need to earn over 27,249 roughly per year for the repayment to be paid back at 5%. Plus it does not affect your credit score. I mean, is it worth taking a course in something you love and are passionate about for a small monthly payment IF you earn that much? :smile: Plus, if you don’t pay back anything in 30 years it is wiped off currently.

University life is so much more than just studying you learn lots of new people and make potentially life long friends. You study, yes but you learn a lot more in depth and have experiences which you may never get. You learn so much about your own skill set and will probably develop these as you progress through the years.

I graduate in July and I really feel that university has been well worth paying for. If I had the finances to do it all over again, I would. I hope this helps with your decision.
Aimee :smile:
It all depends on how badly you want or need a qualification for your chosen path... If you just want to learn a subject that interests you, you might as well just do it yourself, in your own free time. It's a hell of a lot cheaper, and you won't have to waste time studying core modules you aren't interested in. You can just focus on what you want to learn, at your own pace, in your own way.

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