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my teacher thinks im stupid...

so basically im predicted a C in a level chem because my teacher thinks i cant get any higher. this is because in my yr12 end of ear exams i got a c. however in yr12 i was very unserious etc and did not care abt school. but now i am trying really hard and in the last few end of topic test i have been getting A*'s. i talked to my teacher about this but they refused to change my grade and think i cannot achieve higher than a C in chem and so now i rly want to prove that i can. i know that i cant change my predicted grade now cos its too late but i still want to show my teacher that shes wrong to underestimate me (you know?). and so i want to revise rly hard for my mocks in march but because i didn't pay a lot of attention in yr12 i am struggling with the as topics and i was wondering if anyone knew any recommendations for a level chemistry revision guides with workbooks to help me for Edexcel A-level Chemistry. thank you so much for helping out!
I don't know if they are any good for science subjects but I've found the maths version very good for starting revision and summarising all the key information and methods for A level maths. There's a revision guide that summarises knowledge that matches sample exam questions for every topic with some guidance for what examiners are looking for.

I've seen people recommend this online resource
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