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I don't know many people who do OCR GCSE Latin so that's why I came on here for some help

I am really struggling with Latin and would really like it if there's someone who could possibly give me some tips on getting good grades in Latin. If anyone could help me, pls let me know.

Thank you
Hey, I got a 9 in Latin in 2019, so it's been a while but I can still remember some of the things I did to revise!

- Use Quizlet for vocab
- Find songs for memorising declensions etc (there are lots on YouTube)
- For set text, write it all out in Latin with the English underneath, read it in Latin while looking at the English to translate the parts you don't know, and keep reading it like that until you don't have to look at the English anymore
- Make mind maps for possible 8-markers that could come up
- Make charts of verb conjugations and put them somewhere where you can look at them every day, eg in your bathroom so you can read them while you brush your teeth

Hope this helps; let me know if any of it is unclear/you have any questions!
Learn grammar! I essentially taught myself GCSE Latin, and although I got a 9 and am now doing A-Level, the fact that I never properly learnt endings has really come back to haunt me! I would work on grammar and vocab, but it really depends what your weaknesses are.
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Thank you for the feedback

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