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Applying to Cambridge after 2 year gap

I finished my A levels in 2021 and got 4A* (Math, Economics, Physics, and History) and have 7A* at IGCSEs. Due to life circumstances, I have had to take a year off ( death in the family and financial issues) then I went to another university and realised I really want to leave and apply to cambridge again. I used the year to do an internship in Private equity and write a book. I want to apply to Cambridge for land economy. Will they reject my application because I am applying 2 years after getting my A level results? I am extremely passionate about the subject, have the grades, have the Ecs, and have a great reference ready for me. The only concerns I have is that will cambridge reject me because I applied 2 years after my results. Can anyone at Cambridge help me out?
They definitely won't reject you for applying late. You may want to fill in an extenuating circumstances form.

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