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contract law problem question help

a has chartered a ship to B for five years for £20,000 per month. In the first year of the contract, there is a severe shortage of available ships and A threatens to terminate the contract. B agrees to pay an extra £8,000 per month for that year. In the second year of the contract, there is an oversupply of available ships and a severe crash in charter prices for similar ships. To ensure the preservation of the contract, A agrees to reduce the charter price by £5,000 per month. By the end of the fifth year, the market still has not fully recovered to pre-crash levels. A has now sued B, seeking payment in full for all years of the contract up to the end of the fifth year. Advise B.
so the issues that I have identified are duress for the first portion and maybe promissory estoppel for the second half following Hightrees but im not sure about this as b was not necessarily facing difficulties which led to the reduction in the chartered price, however they did rely on this. I dont think I am correct. could anyone clarify or guide me as to whether im completely wrong or missing something else. thanks.
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I would offer my detailed view on the case. Maybe you PM me.

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