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What does 'Evaluate labelling theories' mean?

Does this mean evaluating studies by Becker, Rosenthal et al and sayiing their strengths and weaknesses or evaluate the labelling theory overall?
Is this a 30 marker? We just did this same question in our class today.

Yes, you can evaluate the different aspects of labelling theory separately. Try to write about the sociologist' base theory as well as applications where this is used - eg for Cohen, you could provide examples of folk devils, and instances where labelling them caused further deviance by the group (if you're doing crime and deviance ofc). If it's for an essay question, you could provide a brief overview of what labelling theory actually is within your introduction. Also, make sure you do evaluate the points - provide criticisms and strengths for each of the examples used. You can lose out on quite a few marks if you don't stick to the question and provide sufficient evaluations for each.

Hope this helps :smile:
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