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Durham or St. Andrews for English Literature?

I’ve been tossing up between the two for weeks. I have offers from Durham, Edinburgh and York, and am still waiting on Cambridge and St. Andrews.

I live in England, so fees at each university would be the same per-year.

Obviously the St. Andrews course is a year longer, but I don’t mind. The freedom of module choice in the first year interests me a lot.

Durham slightly edges St. Andrews in rankings for English, but St. Andrews ranks higher as a university. Personally, I don’t take much from rankings.

I don’t mind about being ‘isolated’, and the small-city vibe suits me quite well.

If I were to get a St. Andrews offer, but not get into Cambridge, i’d be unsure on what to firm!!
You seem to prefer St. Andrews' course content. If that isn't necessarily the case, you might want to consider the cost of living? St. Andrews' is notorious for being expensive, and I saw headlines about Durham's housing crisis. So maybe look beyond the uni and course content?

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