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how do science and busniess parks provide opportunity for economic growth?

struggling with this 6 marker
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Because it's for 6 marks, you would write a para for science and another para for business parks.

Which means 3 marks for each. and still to the PEEL structure.

For science, you could talk about how new innovations and experiments have led to researchers discovering and identifying issues that are diminishing economic growth, by this, researchers can find solutions to mend these issues. Here, it would be a good idea to include what factors drive economic growth such as:
- technological advancement = science would play a vital and significant role in these new innovations - as an example, you could include the invention of tractors, mowers and even manure spreaders in the agricultural industry... this has by far improved the productivity and efficiency, you could back this up with some data as well, expanding more on that.

And then for business parks, I searched up what exactly this is, and it said "They are usually located on the edge of cities because the land is cheaper, access to main roads is better and businesses can benefit form working together."
- so 1, the fact that it is usually located at the edge of cities, means that people don't have to travel all the way to the CBD for work, considering the fact that the CBD is extremely congested, it significantly saves time as there is no traffic congestion - this increases labour hours (because less time is spent on travelling) therefore increasing productivity.
- 2, the land is cheaper - this is a huge benefit because businesses can now invest that income into:
higher wages for employees, such bonuses and raises can increase their incentive to work, therefore increasing productivity. You could also say that due to an increase in wages, they end up having more disposable income, which increases their marginal propensity to consume (increasing their will to spend money) so consumption will increase in an economy, stimulating the economy.

And you can probably chuck in an example for the second point.

and yeah I hope this helps and I hope it makes sense lol

make sure to stick to the PEEL structure to prevent you going off track from answering the question.

Good luck!

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