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Further maths ocr mei b

I am doing the further maths ocr mei b course and I'm really struggling to find many past paper topic questions and in general resources to revise. I have integral but there's not that many questions and was wondering what people are using.
Integral was developed by MEI so it's a really good resource.

Assuming you don't have the textbook that MEI also made, there are several good websites, a couple below.
Dr Frost Maths (never tried this for A-level)
Physics and Maths tutor for past questions

Maths is maths, you can use basically any exam board or older specification questions to help as well, though they are not as useful for timed testing. If you go through question by question with a markscheme in hand to make sure your final answers are correct (or if you get stuck, that it was a question that you could do with MEI B techniques).

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