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How is Earth Sciences different to Geography?

How is Earth Sciences different to Geography?
Earth Science is generally used as a synonym for geology and oceanography.
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How is Earth Sciences different to Geography?

Earth science is, as the name implies a science subject and uses the scientific method to explore aspects of planet Earth from core to surface. It usually includes the study of other planetary bodies in our solar system. It goes beyond traditional geology, in that it looks at the atmosphere and oceans, and spans deep time from the formation of the Earth to the present day. It uses all the scientific disciplines (maths, physics, chemistry, biology). There is some (but not much) overlap with environmental sciences and physical geography.
Geography includes both human and physical geography and focuses on the very recent past (1.5 million years ago to present). Physical geography covers geomorphology, climate, soil science, environmental science, re-wilding and conservation. Geography departments are usually active in climate change research, particularly nature based solutions. Human geography, looks at topics such as society and the environment, urbanization, community identity, geopolitics and spans aspects of human history and social sciences. It's very relevant for climate change mitigation because one of the biggest challenges is changing societies attitudes and behaviour to things like energy use, transportation, diet etc.
Fwiw. “Traditional geology” includes studying the oceans and atmosphere. That’s pretty much key to understanding sedimentology.

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