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Procrastinating at Med School Blog

Hey hey,

Starting this since I have exams next week and the start of 1st Year has just been brutal. I had a blog for cramming during A levels and having that made me so much more accountable. Will start documenting tomorrow (21/01/2023) .

20/01/2023 -> Blog Started
Mock exams:
24/01/2023 Paper 1 UPDATE (PASSED 63%)
25/01/2023 Paper 2 UPDATE (PASSED 63%)
Goals: Just pass lol- surviving not thriving

Make Anki Cards for:
UGIT (Done)
LGIT (Done)
Accessory Organs (Done)
Cardiac System (Half Done)-> Done 21/01/2023
Pulmonary System (Half Done) -> Done 21/01/2023
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Gonna make the plans for tommorow before I head to bed lol planning is the most draining thing ever. I need to fix my time management ASAP though.

High priority(estimate 3-4hours):
-Finish Cardiac (ew)
-Finish Pulmonary

11AM: Online Revision Sesh

Mid priority (2 hrs)
-Ankify the high yield slides from upper years

Bash anki for the rest of the day
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1st Update (10:47am)
I woke up at 6:30am, hit snooze once and woke up at 8am :colonhash:
Spent the time until now having a shower and eating my OMAD
Going to start getting ready for the 11am revision workshop, will be making cardiac flashcards during it as well hehe

Finished the online session, just need to cover bp, blood composition, ecg and atherosclerosis then I'll be done with Cardiac ( i hate it smmmmm)

Finished Cardiac stuff gonna take a nap

Woke up like 10 mins ago gonna start on respiratory after a quick ft

Got a bit carried away on ft :/ Gonna finish respiratory before I go to bed though I just have to finish anatomy and alveolar secretion so it should be alright.

Finished respiratory gonna start doing Anki cards until 21:30 then start getting ready for bed

Plans for tomorrow:
Bash anki all day :colonhash:
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22/01/2023 : Happy Lunar New Year!!

Woke up, gonna get ready, make and have breakfast

Starting anki


Resuming anki

Heading out to grab a Greggs gonna ft afterwards

Got back from Gregs at like quarter to, ft and ate dinner as well.
I dont know if its nerves or if the gregs didnt sit well with me but i threw up a lot and around 6pm and Ive just been spending the last hour and a half trying to recover. Ive got sm to do and this isnt funny whyyyyyyyyyy

Gonna drag my ass back to Anki now:colonhash:
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I cant lie i've come to terms with the fact that I'll probs fail the mocks. I had some deep reflective thoughts in the shower lol. The silver lining here is that I've essentially caught up with the content in term of the materials I've made. The only struggle for me right now is committing them to memory. Still feeling really shaky and my throat feels so messed up from throwing up yesterday.

4:00 Am
Woke up but I felt terrible so I went back to bed for another 45 mins

7:30 AM
Hella ****ed my alarm didnt go off like wtf???
Had a shower

8:20 am
Ate my OMAD and took some time to get a good cry in. Also, chugged a tonne of hot drinks since my throat felt like shrapnel.

Starting anki

Taking a break until half past fml

Forgot ab uploading this block but I did 1705 reviews this day lol
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Woke up, showered, cleaned room, got my headspace right

Anki and Anatomy Time

1st exam over, took a break and ate my OMAD

Starting anki for 2nd exam
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Original post by Sunfish/Squid

Woke up, showered, cleaned room, got my headspace right

Anki and Anatomy Time

good luck for the day, ur life sounds super stressful right now damnn

Woke up, washed up, caffienated

Anki time
Forgot i was doing this blog lol, havent been good at updating at all :P

Just had the best nap of my life, finished both exams and got the marks for most of the sections getting marks for 2 more tomorrow.
Paper 1 : 76/120 (63%)
Paper 2a : 17/20
b: ?/20
c: ?/20 <- not confident AT ALL on this section

I just wanna pass, we haven't been told what will be good enough yet since its based on curving everyone's scores. I made so many dumb mistakes but that's on me for cramming.
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Exam results: Pass/Fail yet to be determined

P1: 76/120 (63%)
P2: 38.5/60 (64%)
a: 17/20
b: 8.5/20 (I knew i messed up on this SHJSHJ)
c: 13/20

Taking the day off- gonna go grab food to celebrate with friends hehe
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Finished PBL session gonna start working on prereading for lectures now

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