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How to Make a Career in Big Data

Bid data is the most demanding IT career. But I don't know how to start a career in it. I want to make my career in big data. Can anyone please suggest me to enter the big data industry?
One of the ways to do it is through an apprenticeship. I have recently started a data engineering apprenticeship and work as a data analyst. I found that the recruitment process for this role is straightforward. Another way is to apply for graduate schemes in data analytics, data science or data engineering. There are lots of different roles in big data. You might want to do more research about these different roles and what you need to get in.

In order to get into a higher apprenticeship you will need GCSE english and maths. If it's a degree apprenticeship then they might ask for some A-Level qualifications too and of course if you want to get into a grad scheme then you will need a degree. There are lots of different ways to get into a career in data. I think that you should also do some self paced data science or related courses to improve your knowledge and skills in this area.

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