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Coursework advice needed

i'm currently studying politics, history and eng lit a levels and i'm in y13. my coursework is due in a week however i haven't started history yet and i have only done a third or so of my english coursework.

should i give up? for context, i have severe anxiety and depression and am autistic. i have serious trouble motivating myself to do any coursework and every time i attempt it i have a severe panic attack. if i don't do the courseworks, i can still do AS levels, but is this worth it? i missed lots of non-coursework content in yr13 due to absences.

how do you motivate yourselves? i have tried everything, including bribing myself, removing distractions, attempting to force myself etc but none has worked so far. please help me.
dont give up, you've already come so far
Original post by studyinqpeachy
dont give up, you've already come so far

thank you for this, it was exactly what i needed to hear. i've completed my english coursework and am half done with my history.

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