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21 years old and no license - should I be ashamed?

I’m 21, turning 22. It’s not that I don’t want to drive, the very aspect of driving itself seems so fun and exciting. I took my first theory test at 19 and had my provisionals for almost 3-4 years. I failed it unfortunately and kept failing it. Not entirely sure why I kept failing it(it doesn’t show what you got wrong on the test paper) I think I have done it over 5-6 times and kept getting 38-40 with always passing the hazard.

I don’t have any learning difficulties, I am currently in my final year in Kingston University doing computer science, and hopefully graduating this April with a bachelors.

I would like to assume that I’m smart, not book smart but I don’t think I’m stupid. People are saying that theory is just common sense, that it’s extremely easy and I should’ve passed ages ago. So I’m not entirely sure why I keep failing, I revise constantly because I know if I don’t revise I fail, and that idea itself has never proved me wrong. But with this theory I’m starting to get angry and dissapointed in myself, I would revise 2-3 hours a day and I’d still fail. (On the mock exams I would get 49/50 constantly both using the Official dvla theory app kit and 4 in 1).

I booked my theory on the 28th but I’m starting to lose hope, if I don’t pass this time, I’m giving up on my dream of driving, maybe it’s not for me - regardless my family says that without a license “a man really isn’t a man”, and it’s shameful that I still don’t have one. It’s making me feel very depressed because I’m starting to lose the ability in believing in myself and I’m starting to feel like I’m a disappointment.
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I’m 25 and I don’t drive and have no intention of driving. Self driving cars will exist in the next 15 years so gradually it will become an irrelevant skill for most people.
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