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History Course at Cambridge vs at Oxford

Greetings everyone!!

My reason for making this post is that I've (rather suddenly) come across the dilemma of choosing between Oxford or Cambridge to apply for History-History and French (still contemplating).

(Also, apologies if you already saw this in the Oxford forum, I would really like insight from both sides :smile: )

*Brief Backstory* Up until a few days ago I was deadset on applying to Oxford and had been since I was around 13 for reasons I'm not entirely sure. I think it must have stemmed from a fascination with the sheer age of the University and simply knowing of it first, but I couldn't say definitively.

However, recently I decided to have a look at the courses at Cambridge so I could be content that I was making the right decision for me and was quite surprised with the range of different modules offered within each component of the Tripos system (which I only know a little about since I've just since started researching it). It made Oxford's selection seem a lot smaller in comparison, especially with the mandatory modules that Cambridge didn't appear to have.

Although the information I found about Cambridge's history course was through their faculty website I couldn't find any course-specific information on Oxford's history faculty site (this may be user error), which has led me to wonder if there's just something I'm missing. Or if the difference between the two in terms of the History course is much greater than I originally believed.

What I also find confusing is that I've heard similar statements such as 'this course at x is more flexible than at y' made in favour of both universities, which hasn't helped me to understand.

I feel I should also mention that statistics such as which college focuses more on GSCEs aren't my focus when choosing a university as I'm Australian so they don't apply to me. From what I understand their methods are highly similar (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) so I would like my decision to be as course focused as possible.

If anyone would be able to help me fully understand the differences, or if any Oxbridge History/ History & ML students/applicants would share why they chose their college/college they're applying to it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :smile:

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