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High B's and not A*/A in Edexcel A level English Language and Literature.

Please would you kindly suggest how to improve my grammar, punctuation and spelling it is costing me top grades at A-level? I am good at answering questions and have been told that my content is excellent. I have weaknesses in the area of spelling, punctuation and grammar. I am very motivated and do plenty of reading: I have Grammar and punctuation, GCSE, A/S, A level and specialist books on advanced English. I am taking A-Level Philosophy to improve my academic writing and it is working. Now I am considering doing Latin to help with poor grammar, and punctuation it may also help with my Elizabethan style of spelling-Thank you in advance
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I really don't think Latin is going to help with poor grammar and punctuation, given that latin grammar is very different to english, and there's very little punctuation. Take it from someone with 5 years of Latin (A-Level and then during Degree), it really doesn't have any effect on your ability to write in English. All it really teaches you is some interesting connections between latin root words and modern day english. I would suggest not adding to your workload with a new subject.

Is the problem that you can't spot your own grammar/spelling mistakes? Are you able to see them in sources you haven't written yourself?

You say you read a lot, and that would be my main suggestion, but reading purposefully. Just because something is a published work doesn't mean it has perfect grammar, so often you need to be reading and asking yourself 'is this correct grammar?', or purposefully reading things with bad grammar/spelling and rewriting them

Linking to that, my other suggestion would be writing. Write lots, even things unrelated to your A-Levels, and then purposefully revisit them to try and find mistakes, rewrite them until you can write them well the first time.

When you're reviewing things you've written, use something like Grammarly (free online) to begin with, but don't install the extension, instead upload the document with your writing in after you've finished - you want to notice the changes it's asking you to make, and decide if they're correct, not have Grammarly just do it for you so you never think about correct grammar.

Take auto-correct off your phone if you can, it'll make you pay more attention to your spelling/grammar in your everyday communications.

My big tip for spelling/grammar in exams is to stop after every paragraph and re-read it, rather than waiting until you've finished the whole essay to re-read. This means if you need to make big changes you've got the space to do so. On that note, if you're not already saving 5-15 minutes at the end of your exams to read through, you really need to if this is such a big problem for you.

Hope all these tips help
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This for me is a very big problem because the fact remains unless I sort this issue out then I will not be getting an A*/ A at A-level.

When previously doing an academic essay it has been important for me to get my teacher/examiner's attention and walk them through it step by step, trying with each step to make it enjoyable, interesting and unique. Now it will be to correct these shortfalls because poor grammar, punctuation and spelling make for awkward uncomfortable reading.

I will implement all of your suggestions to see if that improves things and now instead of doing A-level English Language and Literature will leave it until next year. I will give myself more in the way of time to practice. Otherwise, it puts my other efforts to waste. Wuthering Heights is one of my coursebooks this is what I need to do in order to write a decent essay. Youtube is a godsend when it comes to academic studies.

0. Syllabus directives AO1...etc
1. Wuthering Heights Coursebook.
2 Audiobook
3. Study guide
5. General internet sweep
6. Notes on genre, context, linguistic features, literary features
8. Dr Octavia Cox
9. Book Walkthrough and Analysis

Thank you for informing me about Latin...
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i have done something... anyway there is a message for you hope you find it thanks for everything.

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