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AS-Level Biology

I want to do Psychology, Chemistry and History A-Level. But I feel like I should do Biology if want to get more of a variety of degree/career options however, I don't want to drop History because it is one of my strongest subjects. Should I consider doing an AS Biology or just not bother at all?
If it is something you enjoy, or it’ll be useful for a future career option the go for it! The good thing about AS is that you only sit it for Yr12 so if you feel you can handle the extra content and hours for that then it’ll be a great addition. Chemistry (and sometimes psychology) are considered science subjects and history is a great humanities option, so you have a good diverse selection at the minute. That being said, don’t do it just in case- biology is definitely tough and there is a lot of content. Most colleges will let you drop a subject in the first half term, so I would recommend testing it for a term and see what you think if you are still unsure. Please don’t put too much workload on yourself though (:

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