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hi, im studying biochemistry and I do experiments like the bradford assay protein, synthesis of paracetamol, the correct handling of microbiology and so on.

My uni doesn't have a textbook for all the experiment were going to do and I have to always look up how to do answer for certain question and certain calculation.

Do you guys have a textbook that has all the experiments for biochemistry with the methods, calculation, practice question and a deeper understanding on the practical itself?
Hi there. I just wanted to check whether you meant to double post?
"Biochemistry" by Jeremy M. Berg, John L. Tymoczko, and Lubert Stryer: This book is widely used as a textbook in biochemistry courses and provides a comprehensive overview of the field. It includes many detailed explanations of biochemistry experiments and techniques.

"Practical Biochemistry: A Student Handbook" by G.R. Kettle and P.D. Smith: This book is designed specifically for students and provides clear explanations of the theory and practice of biochemistry experiments.

"Experimental Biochemistry" by Paul H. Gross, Richard L. Leavy, and Lorene D. Fink: This book focuses on the experimental side of biochemistry, including instrumentation and methods.
Teitz Clinical Biochemistry is good for a Biochemistry MSc. I studied paracetamol synthesis in my first year of my degree, I found information in different textbooks in my library. You have to learn the different experimental methods such as titration and purification methods.
I found information online about microbiology techniques. For the calculations in my first year of my degree, I used the “Calculations in A/AS Levels” by Jim Clark. I found this book useful and relevant to a University degree because you would not be expected to know or use a lot of the calculations at A level. I hope this helps.

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