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How to revise health human rights and interventions - a level geography

Hi all,

I am just on here to ask for advice on how to revise health, human rights and interventions? Am i overthinking the topic? I understand the concepts - most of it seems like GCSE or am i missing something? Is it the % i am meant to learn that makes it the a level difficulty?
I am struggling to know how to revise for it - I find that the other topics, I know my ways of revising it but this just seems difficult?

Any advice from previous or current students?

Thank you!
just do past papers, wider reading and revision of case studies and key words. as long as you know the key concepts and the basic content u can easily do well. also practice 20 markers. if you can crack how to do them and get 20 marks then you will easily be able to do the 6 and 9 markers and the rest of the questions. don't overcomplicate it. very simple a level

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