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Y13 History Coursework AQA❄on African-Americans

Hi so I'm doing 'Black leaderships'
E.g How significant is Black Leadership to the advancement of civil rights 1865-1965?

The resources I am using are:
-Textbook(printed out by my school
-Yale Lectures(I really like these,I have printed out 3-17) here's the link,

-and Better Days are Coming(printed out 1-13 so that I can annotate and highlight,and mostly so I don't have to buy the book.Mum will only order things from Amazon,and the book is ~£24)

I was told I should use another book,one that focuses on Black leadership but I don't know which one I should use.
-Black Leadership Manning Marable


Black Leadership in American- John White

(I really like Better Days coming,how its written.I plan to use it as my core knowledge.)
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Hi, growing up in America and now being in London I have a lot about civil rights in America in that time. I would recommend reading Malcom X's autobiography. As direct from a leader you will have to extract what is relevant to your question. Asides from that it is a brilliant book. I also looked at the books you recommended and would say the John White books offers more.

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