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Structure of English language and lit answers

Hi my exams are in a few months but I am looking for advice on how to structure each question on both the english literature and language papers. I am doing Edexcel IGCSE English language (which I believe is less popular than AQA, so I haven't had much luck finding any resources to help me). I really struggle with knowing how to lay out each of my answers. I am homeschooled so cannot get help from a teacher either. Can someone please give me some advice on how to structure answers to each question on both paper 1 and 2 Edexcel IGCSE English language.

I am also doing AQA English literature but also struggle with structuring answers to this. I find that when I actually do an exam paper on the spot my mind goes blank and I just write and write, not thinking about where to end/start paragraphs etc.

Basically I just need a whole walk through of the papers and how to answer them because I am currently failing English and I want to be able to pass by June. If anyone has any resources for these specific exam boards/papers it would be much appreciated
Also I forgot to add...
Every time I post one of my answers to a past exam question on here I always get comments saying I structure it like an essay, which I shouldn't have. Tbh I don't even know what an essay is or what questions you have to write an essay for so someone please explain it to me. I probably sound so stupid haha but I would rather ask than stay clueless.

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