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Psychology, Sociology and English lit A level revision

(All subjects are under AQA, and for English Lit I'm doing Specification B btw - in case that helps)

I'm in Y13 about to have my mocks in 4 weeks and am clueless as to how to revise for my subjects. Horrible, I know!

With Sociology and Psychology, since they are both content based, I know that I can link techniques together - however I've only been using (online) flashcards for the content I've gotta revise for my mocks. I switch between some topics every other day (Relationships and Schizophrenia for Psychology, Beliefs and Families for Sociology) and have been doing some every day (Research Methods for Psych, Families (Since it's from last year and I really need to refresh my memory of it) for Sociology). I know that's not exactly the most adequate, since it's quite repetitive in short bursts of time, but I've managed to adapt to that structure for the past 4 weeks..

I do it for between 30 minutes and 1 and a half hours (average of 40 minutes - 1hr), from between 7pm to 11pm (depends on when I start, if I take any breaks, etc) - from Monday to Friday.

With English Lit, however, I don't have a clue as to what to do for my daily reviewing. In general, not just for my mocks. I've googled it several times but I just don't know how to squeeze anything being told to me into a personal schedule that fits me! Or even how to get started with doing whatever techniques that have been reccomended!

I've studied (most of) Feminine Gospels (independent), and All My Sons and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (comparative), which will be in the mocks I've gotta do, in case that helps.

Recently I have been trying to read around (since that's something I've got to do) but there's really only so much I can find. Any (free ) website reccommendations? (NOT Jstor or English and Media centre's Emagazine. Jstor is so confusing and I've already scavanged EMAG since my school's subscribed to it)

I would also like to integrate this kind of stuff into my free periods (I have 1 on Mondays and Wednesdays, 2 on the other school days). Each one lasts 1hr and 15m, but sometimes I run into the school's break time (Tue, Wed, Thu), giving me the occasional extra 15m. Usually I just do homework in them to guarantee I get it done, although I'm running dry on homework now...

I would ask maybe my teachers or friends for what they reccommend/do - however I am an absolute WRECK socially. Way too nervous to ask the teachers, especially since I've left it so late, and barely know the few friends I have so I feel like it would be a bit silly to ask them (again, especially since I've left it so late).

I think that having a specific, repetitive structure has been quite helpful for me. To summarise, my main problems are 1. integrating different techniques for Socio and Psych, and 2. coming up with/using review/revision techniques for Eng Lit.

So strangers.. anyone able to help me out here? I'd appreciate anything!
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I'm under Edexcel but honestly I think just doing essays. Like literally draw out all the possible theme questions they can ask. Look at past paper questions and do them, then synonyms that would require slightly different points and then like any other theme both texts have(for comparative), memorise a few critics for the relevant sections and include quotes on every plan. Know your texts inside out too.

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