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So basically I only just realised that accommodation opened 5 days ago and I have only just firmed my first choice today and have to wait up to 48 hrs before it lets me apply for accom. What are my chances of getting an ensuite now is it too late?
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Do people actually have to apply this early to accommodation to be able to get a ensuite :/ ?
Hi Anon, Hi @alanb21,

The short answer is no, you're not too late to apply for accommodation.

You can find all the details about the timescale for accommodation applications at You can only apply for accommodation after you have formally accepted your place at Keele so:

- If your application to Keele was made through UCAS you will need to select your Firm and Insurance choice Universities. There's guidance on how to do this on the webpage above if you're unsure.

- If you made a direct application to Keele, you will need to complete and return the acceptance/fee classification form which was sent with your offer to Keele.

If you are hoping to start your course with us in September 2023, the deadline for accommodation application is 30 June 2023 - so there's still plenty of time left to apply, don't worry! You can also find out more about how we prioritise accommodation allocation at

With over 2,500 bedrooms on campus, we offer guaranteed accommodation on campus for September entry undergraduate applicants who make Keele their firm choice, and who apply for accommodation by the deadline date.

Hope that helps! :smile:

Amy Louise
Student Ambassador, Keele University
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