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A-level Psychology students help

Im yr12, and im wondering what is the difference between a 16m question eg ( describe and evaluate the humanistic approach in psychology)
And a 12m question eg (describe and evaluate the biological approach in psychology)

I really dont know help
If you are with AQA there is no 12 markers at A level only AS so it’s the most pointless thing.
Don’t worry about 12 markers too much, focus on the 16 markers because if you can answer a 16 marker well 12 markers are a piece of cake.
12 markers essentially just have less evaluation and if there’s a stem you don’t need so much linking to it in a 12 marker.
However it’s pointless learning how to do 12 markers because it gets you in bad habits for 16 markers which are what you need to be able to do well for your final exams!

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