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GCSE recommendations

Please recommend YouTube channels on the following:
GCSE History
GCSE Separate Sciences
GCSE Maths
GCSE English Lit and Lang
GCSE Stats
GCSE French
GCSE Computing
Thank you
Computing - Craig'n'Dave
Separate Sciences - freesciencelessons and cognito
Maths - Cognito and The GCSE Maths Tutor
English Lang and Lit - Mr Bruff and Mr Everything English
French - Learn french with Alexa (mainly just content not much on answering exam questions)

i dont know of any good channels for history or stats
(edited 1 year ago)
for english :- Mr everything english(the best)
Math- cognito, khan academy
science:- Amoeba sisters, khan academy, cognito
I just have knowledge about these 3 subjects. Hope it helps!
Thank you

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