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do i sound ugly

Based on these descriptions, how attractive am i (im a girl btw):

5'11/6'0 idk exactly
dark hair,straight think part my shoulder blades
kinda round but also squarish face
medium lips
if i have to rate and say how symmetrical my face is, i would say 7/10
I do have acne and bumps on my forehead but it varies how badly they look, usually i wear makeup.
kinda thick thighs but i wish my arms could be skinner
brown eyes, thick eyelashes
kinda tan
i have straight teeth but not white teeth but when i smile it makes my nose look much bigger so like i hate that
kinda have a stomach but i cant tell if its just bloating or if im just unhealthy. I do like working out but im not dedicated.
Pretty much impossible to tell without a photo but the bottom line is that you shouldn’t be asking for beauty validation from GCSE and A level students on here!
You sound okay
I second that your ok.

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