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GCSE Edexcel English Language: Creative/Imaginative Writing

Just wanted to ask this question because I feel like this isn't the case in many other schools.

So, before I begin, here's some additional context to the situation:
-We have been working on this since Year 10
-No other guidelines have been given for this
-The teachers have not taught us about anything about writing besides the "main techniques" (such as alliteration, similes, extended metaphors, etc.)
-Our works have been proofread and marked by teachers multiple times

Here's the situation: my school is forcing us to follow a specific "guideline" for answering the Creative/Imaginative Writing part of the GCSE English Language examination. Here it is as follows:
-You can only write about a haunted house. The haunted house must also be a Gothic-style haunted house.
-You cannot include people in your answer
-You cannot write about any other story about any other topic
-You have to memorise your finished piece and write it out during the mocks coming in Easter/in the final GCSE

I went and checked the specification for my specific exam board and I could not find any information about any of these rules being actual rules set by the exam board in any way. Currently, I am trying to memorise my piece for the school mocks but write an entirely different piece during the actual GCSE. (If anyone wants to read any of my pieces, feel free to ask for them.)

Is my school allowed to do this in any way possible?

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