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Why would parents care more about a persons manners than their health?

How come my mum cares so much about me having ‘manners’ and hates it when I swear in front of kids and others. As long as I am polite she is happy. Yet she didn’t care so much for my long term health - she chose not to breastfeed and smoked when I was young. I have a chronic condition and am being assessed for asthma.

Not saying she caused it but she didn’t seem keen on preventing it and tells me to stop moaning even though it affects my everyday life. She certainly won’t engage in conversation about my health longer than she will about my ‘manners’.

Why are manners and politeness put above a persons health?
In all honesty I would rather be a rude person with full health, feeling comfortable and good everyday than polite but being in daily discomfort for life (as I am told it is lifelong) with risk of other illness due to it
Jeez, you are in your 30s and it still bothers you?!

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