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Genetics Question

Hello, I'm just a bit confused about what this question is asking.

Explain the mechanism of information flow from DNA to protein factors influencing genotype-phenotype correlation and discuss the relation of protein structure to function.

My interpretation of this question is that It's asking me to go into translation and transcription for the first part then look into genotypes and phenotypes. For protein structure, I think it's referring to the chemical structure? But there's nothing on protein structures in my recommended reading so Im a bit lost.

Does my interpretations make sense or am I misunderstanding what the question is asking me? Any help will be appreciated :smile:
The protein structure is taking about the primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structures of protein. Primary would just be a polypeptide chain of amino acids, secondary would be the alpha helix or beta pleated sheets, tertiary and quaternary structures are basically multiple polypeptides combined, like a haemoglobin for example. The genotype-phenotype thing is the alleles on a gene.

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