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Training Contracts, 2024 or 2025?

I am a current second year undergraduate student, I am just wondering about what year to apply for a training contract, whether it should be 2024 or 2025? As obviously I won’t be graduating until June 2024, but do the training contracts start in the September? Or would 2025 be best?

I haven’t started my law degree yet, but I’m pretty sure you apply for TCs two years in advance of starting, so either in your penultimate year of your law degree, or your third year if doing a non-law degree. If you’re studying law, you should be applying this year.

According to this link ( some law firms deadlines have already passed this for this year, for which the training contracts commence in 2025.
If you are doing an LLB, rather than a non-law degree, then you need to factor in the longer post grad courses so it may depend on which. I think about now firms are interviewing often people in year 3 of their non law degrees who applied last Autumn 2022, who would graduate summer 2022 then do their post grad studies funded by the firm 2023/24 from about Sept 2023 for 3 or 3 terms into 2024... I cannot quite remember so am not being very helpful.

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