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LSHTM vs Bristol Epidemiology vs King’s/LSHTM Global Mental Health

Hello! I am an international pharmacy student who is interested in pharmacoepidemiology and psychiatric epidemiology. I applied to postgrad epidemiology programs, and I have a hard time deciding which university to go to.

I've been accepted to the following:
- LSHTM: MSc Epidemiology
- Bristol: MSc Epidemiology
- King's/LSHTM (jointly run): MSc Global Mental Health

- For LSHTM and Bristol epidemiology, LSHTM offers broader course options. However, living in Bristol is slightly more affordable than in London.
- The King's/LSHTM GMH appeals to me because it mainly focuses on non-communicable disease and mental health epidemiology. But, I am a little worried that it might be too concentrated/narrowed and probably affect my job prospects if I need to work in other disease areas later, e.g. being an epidemiologist - exposed to several diseases.

After graduation, I plan to work in NGOs/research institutes or pursue a PhD in UK/EU. I might return to work in my hometown later. Therefore, universities' global reputation and connections are also important. LSHTM is a reputable school for public health with massive alums in NGOs, but it is less known to someone outside the field (also in my country). King's is notable for psychiatry, and I heard Bristol is a good university too.

I am really confused now. Which one is the best choice? Appreciate if someone could suggest or share your experience studying at LSHTM, King’s or Bristol. Or should I also consider applying to other university/program? Thank you so much!!
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Hi, a degree in epidemiology will in my opinion be more beneficial as compared to a course with a narrowed focus on psychiatric epidemiology as far as career prospects outside academia are concerned. However, if you are envisioning a career in mental health specifically, the MSc Course jointly offered by King's and LSHTM might sound a better fit. Also, this course is quite highly ranked in the UK and both these institutions bring their unique strengths to it (overall reputation, menu of specialized courses, faculty expertise, etc.). Having said that, if cost is a major deterrent, you might as well choose Bristol over London, especially if the MSc course in epidemiology offered at the University of Bristol is of good repute. Ultimately, the choice is yours and I'm sure whatever you decide in the end will only usher you towards a successful career in and outside academia. Good luck and well done in thinking through your choices!

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