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Going on the pill for the first time

Hi all,
I’m 18 and have been with my boyfriend for a while now and after a lot of deliberation and worrying I’ve decided l’ll probably go on the daily contraceptive pill. However, I have no idea which one to choose other than that I prefer the sound of the combined pill.
I’m really worried about some of the side effects such as mood swings since I feel that I struggle with them anyway, and also worry about becoming nauseous, have headaches all the time or gain a lot of weight.

Obviously everyone’s different and I’m sure the pill has a different effect on everyone but if anyone could give me any advice on how to pick the right brand of pill I would be so grateful because I’m a little lost and nervous about the whole thing atm. I’d like to hear other people’s good/bad experiences on certain types. Thanks!
My advice would be to speak to your doctor, and in the first instance, try what they suggest. Everyone tolerates things differently and I would recommend you give it 3 months to see how it suits your body and if you get any side effects. At that point, if not suiting you, then consider other options.

Just because one doesn't suit one person online, doesn't mean it won't suit you.

There is an interesting book on the subject if you would like to be better informed called "how the pill changes everything" and may be worth a read.

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