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My friend wants to start a Uni course in History but no GCSEs


My friend has been expressing how much he now wants to do a History degree since hes come to spend time with me around Campus visiting.

He has always been interested in History, really is fascinated with specific periods, but I am not sure how I can support him in getting to that point.

His GCSE grades are E's, and a D. I will also say he is Dyslexic.

But, he worked up at college from Entry level, to Level 3 in Hospitality and Catering, but I dont think that is a basis for admission?

I am unsure if that even holds UCAS points and I don't believe he's got Functional Skills at Level 2. (He doesn't know what he's got)

He looked at doing History A-Level but he doesn't meet the entry requirements due to a lack of GCSEs.

The only thing I can really think of are Foundation years, or an Access to HE, but, with his struggle at Academic work, e.g. Essays, exams etc, I personally dont feel at this moment in time he would be suited to it or would be admitted due to lack of GCSE grades.

He would need to really work on his English and Maths and retake GCSE I think, because I cant imagine him keeping up with the rigour of a university degree

I also worry his liking of history is impairing what a degree will be as its not all going to be based around the period he enjoys looking at, and the depth of material may be too much for him.

I think personally he is well suited to more practical courses, as he did well on his Hospitality and Catering course.

I was wondering if anybody can shed some light on how he could? But also if anybody who studies History can give an idea of the kind of essays, projects, assignments etc you look at so he can have an idea of what kind of things studied that would be great.
I also did suggest Open University due to their lack of entry requirements, and take their access module, but he is keen on attending a "Brick and Mortar" university.

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