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Moving with Family to Start MBA in Sep 2023

Hi, I am looking to move to the UK from Dubai in Sep 2023. I am looking to start full time MBA Postgraduate program for 12 months. I am mother of 2 and need to find a place to stay. For now i am looking for 2 BHK, in a good budget that is affordable.
Since I am not working, I am living off savings.

I am still confused since my kids are small, which city is most safest Birmingham or Chester?

I need help with any local students group in Chester and Birmingham who can guide me through
When it comes to safety, both Birmingham and Chester are generally considered safe cities, although like any city, there may be areas that are less safe than others. It's worth doing some research on both cities and their neighborhoods to get a better sense of which areas might be most suitable for you and your family.
In terms of finding a 2 BHK in a good budget, it's worth looking at property websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla or OnTheMarket, which will give you a good idea of rental prices in different areas. You can also consider using a property search service or working with a local estate agent who can help you find suitable properties in your budget.
You may want to reach out to the universities in both Birmingham and Chester to see if they have any support or advice for international students, or if they can connect you with local student groups who may be able to help you. Many universities have dedicated offices for international students who can provide advice on housing, visas, and other practical matters.
Consider joining local Facebook groups or online forums for expats or international students in the UK. These groups can be a great resource for getting advice and information from people who have already made the move.
Keep in mind that the cost of living in the UK can be high, so it's important to budget carefully and be aware of all the expenses involved in living here, including rent, utilities, food, transportation, and other essentials. for more tips, HMU or DM with your contacts

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