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Help! Conclusion???

So I'm doing my NEA. The aim I am stuck on concluding is Physical environment in the centre of the city is better than areas on the outskirts of the city. For my data, the physical environment gets worse as distance increases but the environmental quality surveys (EQS) I conducted shows that it gets better as distance increases. Now i'm unsure how to conclude.

For more context I did an EQS down a transect at 20 points in Birmingham 10 inside the clean air zone and 10 outside. At all these point I took pictures in all 4 directions and created a table of information described the physical environment at the time I was there. I haven't rated the physical environment should that be something I should do? I just assumed with my descriptions and the pictures would show that it gets worse as distance increases. Help would be great thanks.
Your data shows that the physical environment gets worse as distance from the centre of the city increases.
However, the environmental quality surveys (EQS) you conducted show that the environmental quality gets better as distance from the centre of the city increases.
You may want to consider the difference between physical environment and environmental quality in your conclusion. While the physical environment may be worse further from the city centre, the environmental quality may be better due to factors such as air quality or noise pollution.
It may be useful to provide a rating or scale for the physical environment to provide a clearer comparison between locations.
Consider other factors that could be influencing the data, such as the time of day or weather conditions.
In your conclusion, you could summarize the findings of your data and EQS, and acknowledge any limitations or challenges in conducting the research.
Finally, you could consider areas for further research, such as conducting a more detailed analysis of specific factors that contribute to physical environment or environmental quality.

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